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Efficiency Bug


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I have 3 different builds on my Equinox. In 2 of them, the Efficiency percentage is exactly the same but one continue spending much more energy than the other. Even when I see in the "abilitys", the energy cost is totally different.

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For abilities with a steady Energy drain (e.g. Maim & Mend), Duration factors into that per-second cost.

E.g. with 175% Efficiency, you need 100% Duration or more to get minimum drain costs.

You can let Duration go as low as 40% if you pump your Efficiency to da max, i.e. 190%
(only the ultimate cost reduction is limited to 75%, so Efficiency beyond 175% does make a difference here
even if the outdated Arsenal stat screen doesn't go further / shoe drain costs at all).

If you want minimum drain without Fleeting Expertise, you need Duration out the whazoo, namely 280%.

Basically, every 4% Duration above / below 100% increases / decreases drain Efficiency by 1%.

[BTW, Pacify & Provoke AFAIK don't use Duration because they are not "permanent drain" abilities
but conditional (similar to e.g. Despoil), which also means they don't shut off any kind of Energy regen.]

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