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Focus room music


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8 minutes ago, DarthValkyr said:

I noticed after downloading War Within, that the second dream music in the focus room is gone. I miss it, can we have it back? I know the Operator told Ordis no music, but we control the operator, and I want music!


If not, I'll start burning cheetos.

I was thinking the same thing, I went there to be soothed, now its all silent and boring. 

an option to pick a track of music, or something would be cool. 

also I liked ordis's 'elevator' like music he played XD 

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As I've mention before it would be awesome to have more control over Ordis and some interaction with him, like asking him to play or stop playing music. (and i don't mean menu options, i mean actual dialogues with Ordis asking him to do this or that)

Also customazing how Ordis looks, but that's a different story.

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20 hours ago, [DE]George said:

Yes, this is a bug and will be fixed.

Oh sweet! Thank you for clearing this up. :D


20 hours ago, ironfirefist said:

To the person who wanted to burn cheetos: 


2) Good point! have you completed TWW yet? There really should be an option, and you should surely hear the music if you have only done the second dream questline.

Yup, I beat it and loved it. The composer for WF is out doing himself. :D

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