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(m) Falling Sound Infinitely Looping (TWW Mechanic Spoiler)


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This one's pretty easy to reproduce. The end result is a never ending looping of the falling/terminal-velocity audio.

1) Go to the Simulacrum


1) Switch to your operator w/ 5 (or whatever you rebound it to)

3) Void dash into the sky three times for maximum height, moving slightly forward for ... reasons

4) Hit the ground very hard, die (that was the reason. you have to die. sorry)

5) Notice that the sound is still looping as you take control of your warframe.

Forever ever ever ever ever ever

Until you press 5 again, taking control of your operator. Then it stops.

I was testing this for ... reasons. Energy meter reasons.

Edit, speculation: I sort of suspect, between this bug and the ability activation sound looping bug, that looping sounds are only terminated from the same state from which they were started. So a state change to, say, hacking, prevents the ability activation sound loop from being terminated, and here a state change from operator to warframe prevents the terminal velocity sound loop from terminating. Wild mass guessing, but idk.

Edit, 2/3: The ability thing is something different, it appears, on further testing.

Edit 4: Dying in the Simulacrum will not stop the loop. Been going for a good ... 5 minutes now. Not sure if dying in an actual mission will or not. I guess some things are forever.

Edit 5, update 2016-11-15 0425 EST: Dying and reviving in a mission while the sound loop is active will not deactivate the sound loop.

Edited by Crusyx
editing fail. edit2: speculation, edit3: scratch that for abilities, edit4: some things are forever, edit5: in mission death test
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