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Tell me your challenge to unveil a rifle riven mod


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after reroll i got synthesize target with hobbled key without abilities and traps and without taking damage.

since simaris only got infested scan targets i cannot complete this.

even failing when capturing a target in capture mission, cause i use an ability.

rng bullS#&$tery at its best.

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32 minutes ago, lukegaskin said:

I got, kill 96 enemies with finishers without failing the mission... am I reading this right or is there an easy way to do this?

Inaros with its first ability to open them up to finishers, on maybe a survival mission

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I am thinking about starting a FF (fan fiction ) Anime of Warframe with an art style similar to but not exactly like 100 days of Warframe. My thread is Warframe FF Anime there you can see an example of my art style on banshee. Feedback on whether or not the community would like to see it made would be appreciated. 

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Mostly easy ones, thankfully.

4 sentients without an ally dying. Solution - played solo.

20 kills while wall-latching or -running without touching the ground. Solution - Jupiter, Loki, Ignis.

3 rare syndicate medallions. Thank *)@$ it accepts any rarity or this'd be straight-up impossibleprobable.

I'm forgetting one.

And a friend showed me a 'defend defence target against level 30+ enemies, so it takes no damage.'


On 11/14/2016 at 9:27 PM, HammerofDusk said:

Headshot, and kill, three enemies in one aim glide.. My aim is atrocious when aiming for a small, specific part of the body, and since enemies like to spin around faster than a beyblade, I ain't getting this one. 

Take a frame with blind/sleep (Equinox is easiest to use for this - instacast Rest).
Go to a snow planet mission. Find a large Excavation tile.
Sleep stuff, run as far away as you need to, aimglide and headshot.

Might take a few tries, but shouldn't be too awful.

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3 hours ago, Pantalo said:

Kill 4 Sentients while Invisible 

‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  ┻━┻

And I also can't equip it to complete it either? Is that a mastery issue though I'm MR 12?



My is even better, kill 2 Sentients while aim gliding, so I only have a few seconds window to do it.

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4 minutes ago, TempestKiller691 said:

Kill 20 enemies in a row while wall latching/wall glideming and not touching the ground. I think ive figued out how to do this but im still on the fence tho

Use a syndicate weapon.

Go to a low level map and use a speed nova.
Build up your explosion meter before you cling to the wall and finish them off.

Note this is probably best done solo as most people will kill 20 enemies before u are even ready.

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On 11/14/2016 at 1:16 PM, Kyronz said:

1st) find 4 caches wtihout using a cipher

2) kill 4 sentients

For the first one, what kind of caches do you need? I opened multiple caches and it does not seems to work. Also, mine had a slight difference where it requires me not to die or down. 

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I got "kill 15 enemies in a row while wall dashing or wall clinging without touching the floor"

My strategy was to go to an infested defense and wait for all the enemies to cluster around the objective and hit them with the Tonker while wall clinging. My problem is it only spawns about 10 enemies at a time.

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Alright, people with the "kill __ enemies in a row while wall clinging."

The easiest way I've found to do it:

Go to an Eris exterminate with a heavy armor / defensive Warframe, equip a Tonkor and Pherliac Pods. Run around the mission until you think you have the required number of enemies chasing you, then place a pod and once their all around it shoot them while wall clinging.

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