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Speed Drift



First of all, how freaking rare is this room?  I've only seen it once.  I've seen agility at least 15 times.


Second, the ONE time I did see it, I failed and have no idea why.  All the videos on it show the user "failing" with a door closing in their face, only for them to go through AFTER it reopens and somehow still complete it.  For both parts.  But when I went through, I made it through the first part fine (without failing), but when I "failed" and immediately went to the end of the second part, I found just an unresponsive button.  


Come to think of it, the button in the first room (to start the challenge) was unresponsive as well.  I started by shooting the laser plates off the walls, but then no matter what I did shooting the actual button it never reacted.  Eventually the pillar just raised a bit on its own, and I found an open door to start the actual sprint.


No I did not have syndicate weapons out.  No I was not using punch through.  No I was not using maim or anything that can hit through walls.


Is it possible a corpus grenade screwed me over through the wall?  I know from the endurance test that enemy grenades can hit those buttons to turn off the rotating lasers.

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