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Complete hobbled synthesis without taking damage and no abilities


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Use Rhino. 

Pick exterminate mission. 

Cast Iron Skin as soon as mission starts (make sure you max out Power strength and put on armor mods to really boost your Iron Skin). 

Using your power BEFORE the Riven challenge appears on the screen is allowed.

This will allow you to take damage but the game will not call it a fail on the Riven challenge.

Exterminate all enemies and then use cold/blast procs to keep target from running away while you scan. 


Did this challenge on my 2nd try.

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I had the same problem and I have a solution

take rhino and use iron skin right at the beginning, if u don't use any other abilities, u can synthesize the target

things to make sure of :

1. don't use ur other abilities in the premises of the target or let It be affected by it

2. you are not allowed to used traps so the easiest way to stun it is by jumping and slaming with your meele, make sure u don't kill it


4. make sure you have more than 5 synthesis scanners

hope this helped

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Ok, this thread was made ages ago, but I was having trouble with this same riven challenge and the way I completed it is still a bit confusing. 
The riven specified: Hobbled key, no traps, no abilities, no damage taken. I tried with a few different frames before I tried Limbo, but even then it took me two tries to complete it because the target (a grineer butcher) would poke me with his knife as soon as I dropped a cataclysm bubble and that was the end of that.

This time I used the Stasis ability before I dropped the bubble, which stopped time in the rift and froze the scan target. I scanned it, and the riven unlocked even though Cataclysm is an ability and so is Stasis. But it worked, and I'm not going to complain lol. 

Maybe this will help someone else, or maybe DE will see this and stop the riven challenge allowing Limbo abilities for some reason.

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Am 14.11.2016 um 20:33 schrieb Sophisticated_Beast:

no abilities or by taking no damage

take ivara, the no abilities only count from the moment the Target spawns, just stay invisible till you find it and it is really easy. also avoid the lightning traps in grineer ships, as they deal damage.

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2 minutes ago, Deminisis said:

Contrary to popular belief, Using Ivara prowl at the beginning of the mission does not count as an ability use. Keep it on until you finish the scan.

The challenge does need to be reworded, what it means as ability use only applies in the same room as the target. For most players getting this their first time, they will definitely be confused about it.

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