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Two bugs: Mission spawning location and locked emotes


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So bug #1: my emotes are randomly being locked and I can't use them. First time it happened was in Akkad and just now for Sortie 3 my emotes were locked again. Please fix this.

Bug #2, happened twice with Sortie 2 today for the Rescue and once for the blue potato alert. I would join a group and it'd show the Landing Craft flying to the location, us popping down the vents into the map, but turns out that they were already 2/3rds the way across the map to the Rescue target, or in the case of the Defense at Ceres, up top at the pod, and I was stuck at spawn. Why?! Normally you're supposed to not see that cinematic if joining a in-progress mission and spawn at the location of one of the Cell members. So what gives? Please fix this.

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Same. They were working fine before but once I went to Akkad I noticed my emotes were unavailable. DE please fix thanks 

UPDATE: Re-arranged everything and was fixed. Doesn't matter what slot the emote goes into just change it up a bit to fix it. Hope this helps :)

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