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Tenno side of the Riven mods [Spoiler]


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Although I would prefer the Riven mods being completelly reworked, or directly erased, thats quite impossible, so I though about a way to make use of them in a more positive way.


Adding special Tenno Riven mods, that instead of giving random stats, can act as makeshift powers when set on one of the 4 slots that should be added to the Tenno for customization.

These mods would be veiled, upon being unveiled, you would be able to choose a side (this needs more working, but I think it would mix well with the karma system added on TWW), depending of if you upgrade them with Endo or Kuva. It cost less Endo and more Kuva the more positive your karma is, and less Kuva and more Endo the more negative it is. 

Choosing one locks the other resource option for leveling, and makes the Riven mod become a Day or Night Skill. 


Day Tenno Riven:    mods that give the Tenno some weaker support Warframe like skills, like a weakened iron skin, burst healing (Able to rise the maximum hp as overheal), radial blind, minibastille, hallowed ground  and so. They can be upgraded another time for a normal amount of Endo, improving the effect of the skill to the lvl of a normal Warframe (not counting another modded stats of that warframe, like improved range, and strenght)


Night Tenno Riven:    mods that give the Tenno standard ofensive Warframe skills, they are by definition stronger than the Day Riven, and become even stronger on leveling the only time they can be leveled, but they leave slight debuffs on use (greater power, but at a price). These are some like energy vampire, artemis bow, chaos, blazing chackram, blessing, and so.

Using these skills can produce some debuffs on your warframe like toxic procs, slight slows, short cripples (Inhability to bulletjump and wall cling) 


Using Endo on Night Riven will veil them, same as using Kuva on Day Riven. 

Upon being unveiled, the skill and the form will be resetted.

One Tenno can use any number of Day or Night Riven, always inside the limit of 4 Riven in the Tenno


While this needs some working, I think it could help with the Tenno customizing, along with something that has been quite sugested, about modifiying the base powers depending on the Tenno school, making the Tenno more useful than just for Kuva and sentient resetting

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