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Hotfix 19.0.3


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Hotfix 19.0.3


  • Greater Lenses can now be found through Sortie rewards in addition to Regular Lenses. Note this doesn't affect the drop chance of other items within Sorties, just the Focus Lens school of drops now has more options.

  • In an effort to help performance of our particle system, we now create fewer particles (60%) when your particle system quality is set to Low.

  • Polished aspects of Kuva Fortress Assault missions. Individual markers have been added to shootable targets during the 'destroy the targeting mechanism' phase, and added teleport action under the falling debris so players don't get stuck when it's destroyed.

  • Kuva Fortress Cache hunting has been moved to Fortress Exterminate missions as it makes more sense for the pacing of the mission demands.

  • The Zarr has received a balance pass:
     - Crit Chance increased from 10% to 15%

- Status Chance increased from 15% to 20%

- Barrage range increased from 12m to 15m

- Barrage reload time now matches Cannon reload time

- Added Punch Through to Barrage mode

- Removed Self Damage from secondary cluster bombs



  • Fixed several common crashes.

  • Fixed Primed Fury missing from the Codex.

  • Fixed The Codex displaying incorrect resistances for all enemies. This was just a UI bug and did not affect actual gameplay.

  • Fixed the whisker placement on Kavat heads.

  • Fixed an exploit with Relics in non-endless Fissure missions.

  • Fixed the stealth Affinity multiplier not giving you more Affinity and Focus despite it saying it is.

  • Fixed Wukong's Defy and Iron Jab having duplicate Ability Descriptions.

  • Fixed Loki's Invisibility visual effects appearing as a bubble rather than a silhouette of Loki.

  • Fixed Volt's Arrester helmet having tinting issues.

  • Fixed a confusing minimap marker in the Kuva Fortress tileset.

  • Fixed 'You picked up a key' transmission on the Kuva Fortress Assault mission playing for all players rather than just the user picking up the key.

  • Fixed issue with Motion Blur on Profile Dioramas.

  • Fixed an issue with the reward manifest on Alator, Mars.

  • Fixed issues with an awkward heavy landing sound on Ash's Teleport.

  • Fixed issues with players escaping the Fortress Extraction levels.

  • Fixed the Grineer Icon on the Kuva Scimitar skin floating.

  • Fixed unreleased Relics and Primes appearing in missions.

  • Fixed intense flickering on DX9 sessions.

  • Fixed issues with trading.

  • Fixed missing music in the Operator Cradle room.

  • Fixed Ember Noble idle set using the wrong animations for different variants as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/718794-ember-noble-animations/

  • Fixed missing link to Tethra's Doom mods in the codex (was preventing Jolt and Voltaic Strike from showing up in the codex).

  • Fixed issues with Steam Controller not working.

  • Fixed Mirage's Clones applying Auras 4x, one for each clone. * just added on 15/11, missed in original notes. 

  • Fixed a significant amount of missing Codex Mods thanks to the helpful Tenno here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/175141-list-of-codex-bugs/?page=14#comment-7954000



Spoiler Changes & Fixes :





Riven Mod Changes:

  • Removed the "Kill Sentients without raising alarms" Unveil challenge due to impossibility with the way Lua mission spawning works.Challenge complications will be updated retroactively, in this case, the removed challenge will simply become "Kill Sentients".

  • Fixed a loss of functionality in the Arsenal when swapping configurations with Riven Mods.

  • Tweaked and removed some of the more frustrating challenges for Riven Unveliling.

  • Fixed heads while aim-gliding challenge for Riven Mods not requiring lethal headshots, they have to be kills now.



  • Fixed the ineffective jump animation that happens when attempting to jump while hitting the ground but before landing animation (which would leave you stuck in the animation and likely inside the Maw's stomach afterward)

  • Added various sound polish to Operator Void powers.

  • Fixed the Codex Entry for 'The War Within' not using the correct Operator.

  • Refined the targeting of the Golden Maw for the 'Transference' portion of The War Within to be more user friendly.

  • Kuva Siphon spawning has been disabled in Invasions and Void Fissure missions.

  • Refined the contrast of the Archwing Lasers in the 3rd mission of 'The War Within' to be more colourblind friendly.

  • Removed the energy drain from the Golden Maw Transference.

  • Increased the range of Operator Void Pulse.

  • Reduced the finisher range of the Golden Maw (he has less of a range to snatch you now).

  • Polished Operator movement on several animations.

  • Improved the behaviours of Teshin's Specter so it doesn't sit around doing nothing when players are off-navigation, it will instead switch immediately to ranged.



  • Fixed Orvius parts being exchanged for Ducats.

  • Fixed Kuva Siphons becoming 'frozen' by several Warframe powers, allowing for infinite farming.

  • Fixed Kuva Siphon progress being wiped during a host migration. Currently host migration will restart the event, but we are looking for 'continue' solutions.

  • Fixed viewing other player's profiles showing your own 'The War Within' alignment.

  • Fixed subtitles missing from The Worm Queen's transmissions.

  • Fixed the 'Broken Sceptre' weapon affecting respawn of Health drops in Conclave.

  • Fixed a number of crashes and game freezes related to using your Operator as MIrage and Inaros.

  • Fixed a number of crashes and game freezes related to Operator Transference.

  • Fixed issues with key bindings and Transference usage which should help players on controllers.

  • Fixed game freezes related to timing Transference usage.

  • Fixed an issue where you could use Transference to teleport through thin walls.

  • Fixed snow appearing in cutscenes of The War Within after dying on the mountain pass.

  • Fixed an issue with infinite Warframe power casting in Operator form.

  • Fixed being able to jump and run in the water as your Operator.

  • Fixed Powers affecting Kuva Siphoning.




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Oh well, it was good while it lasted
Maybe you guys at DE should learn a lesson from that, there is no smoke without a fire.

I think many people will agree that getting ducats is a huge pain in the pooper.

Edited by iWitcher
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Riven mods are still the same. PLEASE, folks. Reconsider this mechanic, it's hurting the game. 



Riven mods are bad because of the sheer amount of RNG involved, and the fact that AFTER SPENDING A FARMED RESOURCE ON IT (Kuva) there is a GOOD chance that the stats will actually become WORSE. Just....no. Please.  

Edited by Legion216
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