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Crash upon reward selection, loss of relics & items


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Randomly crashes when reward selection pops up on endless missions. Happened during first reward selection, on the second mission it didn't happen till 3rd reward selection. Reconnecting to a  mission screwed me out of my relics AND rewards both times. 


This is a deal breaker for endless missions, nobody wants to gamble their relics and very potentially get screwed in the process. Since getting proper relics is already such an RNG frustrating process, toss in losing all your hard earned relics AND items is a recipe for rage quitting. On that note I've decided to quit until this is fixed, I play games to have fun....not to be put into a mindstate where I have to make a conscious effort to hold myself back from punching a hole in the wall. 


Edit: I submitted a bug report with my EE file, we'll see what happens from there.

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i would add that it's not crashing for me, it just either uses the old way of giving a relic in the end when SotR came out, or it just flat out refuses to give anything and the selection screen does not even pop up, tried open or solo both times it happened and consumed the relic...this kinda kills the whole feature for me.

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