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Riven Mod Unveil Unable to complete -


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My 4th reroll on this quanta riven; and yes I'm using ivara stealth its equipped.  I've tried void sab caches, spy missions, grineer spy and sab and nothing.

When I link the mod it shows 5 caches but in foundry shows 4.  I'm out the endo used to upgrade it and the kuva for the numerous rerolls.  I've tried everything and I'm coming up empty.  Region has told me tons of tips but none have worked; I was even told to grab a cache and just extract...lol.  Nothing counts; even if the counter goes up it resets as soon as I do the sab part of the mission; there's no way for it NOT to raise alarm.  Even the one on earth where no alarm is present still resets.  :(


If anyone has had this veil stipulation and has actually got it to work what did you do exactly?  I've been struggling with this for 2 days now :(

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Ok FINALLY figured it out.

Earth - Cervantes

Get 2 of the caches - abort - do it again = complete.  

If you try to finish the mission the part with the poison will auto alert and you will lose the cache progress 

frustrating...but hey... the more you know 

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