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Some things i've noticed


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- The panels in an interception i just finished weren't spawned at any of the interception points - http://prntscr.com/d7dg1f
- There's a rare occurrence I've noticed when in the kuva fortress, opening containers makes them turn red for a moment
- A mobile defense i completed in the kuva fortress had a fortress scanner moving right over the area we stood in to defend the console triggering the turrets etc. the whole time we were defending, intentional?
- During a kuva farming mission, a host migration occurred and the kuva cloud got stuck and we couldn't do anything with it and had to extract
- When ground slamming on reactant that you are able to pick up the ground slam is canceled just above the ground and you are able to move normally
- Sometimes when entering a mission in the loading screen i see the default lisset for some players, not showing their actual ship/ colors
- When unlocking lockers with the master thief mod on, sometimes the lockers don't show the green outlining letting you know their unlocked
- In one occurrence when I was in operator mode and extracted from a mission, i didn't see my warframe entering the ship
- Running Lua missions for a friend i encountered a few enemies stuck in the ground or behind walls, the extermination would have been unsuccessful and aborted if i didn't have punch through on my weapon :(
- While fooling around with a random player at extraction we were in and out of operator mode and we got extracted in that mode, resulting in our reactant counting separately and not unlocking our relics cause the game thought we had 0 reactant on our operators BEWARE!
- Often in some missions my gear wheel would be locked for the duration of the mission
- I've encountered a couple times where my melee was broken and i couldn't hit anything let alone swing my weapon, and when i tried to slide i went straight into crouching

Edit: Prematurely pressed enter posting this thread with only two words :(

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