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My thought about the Riven mods


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First, I don't want to discuss Riven mods being OP or not, or anything like that. I will solely focus on how I think mechanisms around them could be improved.

So let's start talking about mod farming and weapon locking, which in my opinion are closely related. I do understand this :

1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

What they can do is add an interesting buff to a comparatively underpowered weapon in order to encourage players to think outside of that meta box.

Even if we forget the fact it failed at the very beginning because "powerful" weapons are in the pool (though if I understood correctly balance changes are on the way), everyone doesn't want to "rediscover" every weapon. So you lock people away from their desired weapon behind horrible RNG (more than 30 weapons in the pool and pure luck to even get one mod a day in Sorties) or trading that can prove quite difficult or costly depending on what you are looking for. And that's without even speaking about the stats. So how to make it better ? Basically 2 solutions :

  • Make mods availability better : another source of loot, guarantied drop in Sorties or whatever looks good.
  • Make weapon rerollable separately from stats, for a high cost and/or a more time consuming challenge. Don't make linked to stats rerolling because if you can't even rely on what weapon you get when you reroll the stats it's gonna get even messier than it currently is. Rerolling the weapon can reroll the stats without it getting to annoying but it should stay a separate thing from rerolling the stats alone.

The point is : allow everyone to get what they want with a reasonable investment/time without felling unlucky, frustrated, angry and many other bad felling that will make them step away from the entire system if not of the entire game. If you worry about it making everyone getting Tonkor/Simulor/Soma/insert OP weapon here remember that if the power of the mod is balanced depending on the weapon "tier" then "OP weapons" mods will become less attractive and thus less looked for, so it should be a win-win : people get mods for the weapons they want without to much frustration and we don't get overwhelmed by "OP weapons" mods because they are not good enough. Currently we just have a few people happy with what they got and a large bunch of people frustrated because they got far worth mods for weapons they no longer own/what to play with because even with incredible stats it won't make them as good as the "OP weapons", let alone if those weapons get incredible Riven mods of there own. Any of the above solution coupled with mod balance should be enough by itself to correct the problem though both would be good to but maybe a bit to much to keep the "rare" character of the Riven mods.

The next problem is how the rerolling is dealt with:

  • Increasing its cost for every subsequent reroll might be the most straightforward way to prevent people from rerolling to often I've ever seen, and trust me, it's not a compliment. You are looking at a system that will make people stop rerolling when they get a lucky "god roll" (very unlikely), when they get a mod with more or less satisfactory stats and they think they can't afford the rerolling cost for enough attempt to get a better roll or when they reach the point the rerolling cost is so high they won't bother doing it anymore and just discard the poor stated mod they ended up with. I know the purpose is not to make people search for the perfect stat roll but I'll go back to it latter.
    Now let's look at an alternative that both allow people to reroll until they get something to their liking without actually making it easy (and attractive) to look for the perfect roll. This system is what's in use in Terraria and is probably the cleverest way I know to get a balanced rerolling system: essentially a bad roll can be rerolled for a low cost, while a good roll can be rerolled for a high price. This way people with bad roll won't get stuck with it and can easily go back to a decent roll but rerolling a good roll hoping for a better one is risky because it cost a lot and can actually prevent you from rerolling afterward because you lost to many Kuva and get you to stay with a bad roll for a while before you can get enough Kuva to roll again. Consequence: less frustration for players who can't invest to much time without making it easy for hardcore players.
    2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The exponential Cycling costs are there to encourage players to try the existing stats before they embark on the journey to the ‘perfect roll’.

    Because all stats aren't good for all weapons this system would help you "try the existing stats before embarking on the journey to the 'perfect roll'" what exponential Cycling cost lock behind the infamous grind wall.

  • Lastly the stats themselves :

    2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    For those of you who want to find the best Mod possible, that avenue is available to you, but that is not the goal behind this system.

    I have one thing to say about that : you can't choose the goal of a system, you can only make it so it fits this goal. Like you can't give a choice between 2 prize to people and expect most of them to choose the less valuable one because this is what you want them to do.
    So what about stats ? Well, now that I disagreed completely with the previous statement I'd like a little help with my so called "journey to the perfect roll". I know this goes against the philosophy behind that last quote but I think either that or the entire system need to be changed because they are not compatible.
    With that clarified, what about locking stat when rerolling? Most system of ramdom stats+reroll implement such a functionality, so why not Warframe? This last one is more of a functionality suggestion than a feedback with an improvement solution, but I really think it has its place in the Riven Mods system. So the basic implementation would be to pay extra Kuva (or another rare resource, like a Forma) to lock a stat and keep it after the reroll. You would pay this extra cost on every reroll you wish to lock a stat and the cost would increase exponentially with every additional stat locked.
    If you disagree with this last one, please disregard it completely as it would probably take an entire new thread to discuss it.


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