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Tenno dash power not doable on the steam controller


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I wasn't sure where to place this so please move it if necessary. there was a while where i was not able to use my steam controller due o some binding errors that were fixed (Thank you!). but now that i am back on it i realize that i cannot use the void hiding ability or dash because the tenno cannot "crouch" the steam controller only has a button for "crouch slide roll" and not just "crouch" or "c" in the steam configurations. i tested with my xbox controller i used to use and in game the option for "toggle crouch" works (but then I cannot roll without mapping it some where else- hard to do with limited buttons) either way it seems i am at a loss. if DE could provide a toggle crouch option in their steam settings or even add a whole tenno button mapping (like they have for archwing, lunaro etc.) that would be even better. Please comment if you feel the same or if you know how to map this. Thank you!

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