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Riven mods and issues with trading


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Riven mods are good, in essence. They need many tweaks, but they have a lot of potential. They are good as an incentive to have something to work towards, and their market is great for increasing Platinum circulation through player trades. However:

> In their current state, they have flaws that make scamming very easy. The stacks of the reroll cost stay on each mod after trading. 

> There is a very active market for veiled mods already, but many buyers do not realize yet that most veiled mods are not brand new.

> The price of a bad mod, let's say a +zoom mod on a sentinel rifle mod, is worthless. A seller has almost zero chance of selling it as it is. But he can reroll it, which increases its reroll cost, and veils it.

> A buyer purchases a veiled mod thinking that he has a chance to get a good one. He does the challenge, which can be very time consuming, only to get a mod for a sentinel rifle that was veiled by the original owner.

> Buyers have no way of knowing if the mod was rerolled before completing its challenge.

> Word will spread, buyers will become more cautious, reducing veiled mods sales.


- UI indicators. Once the mod is unveiled for the first time, it must keep the name of the weapon it belongs to. Rerolls will erase the bonuses until the new challenge is completed, but the name of the weapon will remain. It must also have a number to show how many times it was rerolled. All this new information must be seen in the trade window.

- Attach the reroll cost to each player, not to the mod.

- Or remove the increase in the reroll cost and make it a set number.

- Remove the Riven mods for sentinel rifles.


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