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the color of the eyebrows and the hair of the operator


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Hello! When I change the color of the hair of the operator, then together with the changing color of eyelashes and eyebrows! It looks very silly. I can't choose bright color hair ( blue, pink, and others), because eyelashes and eyebrows will also be that color!!! It is not very nice. Please fix this.  I'm telling about this bug 3 times already! Why do you not hear me? New costumes means you the operator to add, but to fix his hair color, eyebrows and eyelashes, you can not?  Please can you make the eyelashes and eyebrows were painted separately from the hair!!!! Hear me! I can't play such a freak! Please, I beg you fix it, I write about the mistake!!! 9890cb805d8547bbfb298d0f7a17751f.jpg21de3bfd0b986c27521ae65bd975538c.jpg

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