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Fragor prime (edit: Galatine prime too) execution/finisher animation puts me through the map or teleports me, at least on Hieracon.


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I don't know what's the right section for this, but I think it can fit here although the problem isn't cosmetic. I have no idea of knowing if this is XB1 sepcific bug, probably not, but since that's the platform I play on, I'll put it here.

I just played Hieracon again, and had my Fragor prime equipped with the crushing ruin mod. I don't know if it matters, but I was playing with Rhino like I usually do when running Hieracon. I was mashing away, and many times during the mission I performed a finisher attack (the one where the character slowly tries to pry the hammer out of the victim's skull), mostly to the enemies that spawn from the pods because that can't be avoided when mashing away near those things. First time that happened, I dropped through the floor of the map. Every other time after that I teleported. Sometimes I teleported to the other side of the map and had to catch up to my teammates again. During the mission I teleported about 6-7 times. I've had this for a few days, but then again I only got Fragor prime a few days ago too. At first I thought it was the "raging whirlwind" combo, because I've dropped from the map a few times while spamming that combo a lot (and it still can be, I don't know), but at least the finisher bug seems to be frequent with its teleporting weirdness.

I have no way of knowing what's bugged. The animation, the mod, Rhino, the map or what. At least this one is easy to reproduce and recognize in-game. Just mash away long enough and see what happens. If nothing happens, spam raging whirlwind like a maniac.


EDIT: This happens with Galatine prime too, just had it happen to me. Fell through the floor. And yes, Hieracon. I was using a Frost this time, so it's not Rhino related. It seems that with heavy melee weapons, I often use combos that require holding down the right trigger, and the when that certain finisher animation triggers, the character goes so low, perhaps a little "through" the floor, that the game might think he's not on the ground anymore. And when the character is not on the ground, right trigger with a melee weapon equipped turns on the glide. That's my theory at least. Anyway, this seems to be a heavy melee weapon issue, not just Fragor.



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