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Opening Music to Warframe Suggestions for improvement?

(XBOX)After Doomsday2

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vNow I was flipping thru youtube video's and came across this little fella .Then after watching something like this something made by a fan, it makes the original opening to Warframe seem sorta bland doesn't it? The game has had the same opening music for honestly a very long time and it's never really let off any kind of vibe that pulls a player in, it needs something more upbeat that draws in crowds old and or new. Look at the very least the music should be part of what makes a player want to just sit there for hours playing a game because the music is aesthetically pleasing to the ears... that and pester the admins for the darn soundtrack to go up for sale lolz.
What I'm about to say is my own opinion but the opening track for the game has never really seemed to fit the vibe of a game filled with alien space ninjas it seems too tribal for some reason.   
As I said that's my opinion now I'd like to hear everyone else's feedback what do you my fellow Tenno think of the soundtrack to Warframe do you think it could be improved like the example above, or do you think it should remain the same? If anyone has examples they want to post feel free too let the admins see what we like maybe they'll follow suit. ty and have fun out there tenno and remember Ordis has volume control.

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