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Silly tile world hole leads to invinceble operator.


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So basically I was running around just trying to find plants when I randomly found a hole in the ground. I played around with it some and eventually decided to see what would happen if I used my operator while falling under the map. I did that and my operator died instantly, and didn't put me back in my warframe, but I was able to revive and run back to the room to record what was happening. 

While I was running to the room that I found the hole in I noticed enemy's along the way were "killing" my operator, but that she wasn't actually dieing like they normally would. She'd finally hit 0 or less HP and instantly go back 100. Obviously it wasn't sending me back to my warframe like it should've been. I also try to hit 5 to go back to my warframe, but all it does is beep at me telling me that action is impossible at the current situation. I have a video showing the hole and me "killing" my Operator via fall damage. Saddly I dont feel I gave a good example of the room before I got trapped in an endless loop of falling, but hopefully it'll help if its wanted.

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