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NO Alert/Fissure/Sortie BUG?!


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Had this issue all day, thought it was just me or my connection but it seems a lot of players are experiencing it too

edit 1: it's now fixed now, not sure if it'll last though

edit 2: after finishing a mission it got bugged again, lotus bombarded me with all these new alerts that aren't showing in the solar map

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edit 1: alerts fixed edit 2: bugged again
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I'm currently in the same situation.

At first I didn't see alerts, fissures and sorties.  After some time sorties became visible, but not alerts and fissures. I thought it was the internet connection, so I did a reset on my router, and also verified the cache. As I logged in, I was able to see all of these again.  I went right away and did an invasion mission for the Strun Wraith, but after finishing it, the alerts and fissures were not visible again.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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Check the news console on your Orbiter. I have the same problems as you guys but from what I've noticed. It seems that the game's version is reverting to its previous one. If you see Hotfix 19.0.2 after doing a mission. Then it only makes sense that you can't take part in missions currently happening in the game since the current version is Hotfix 19.0.3.

Here's mine after doing a mission. Before it was showing 19.0.3


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