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Just a few changes I would like to see.


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For starters, I think it's a terrible idea to have players run the same mission 100 times just to encounter the siphon 5 times for enough Kuva to craft a weapon or cycle a Riven mod. I bought a resource booster today and have been farming all day long and have only seen the siphon twice today out of 50+ runs.

A few changes I would love to see done to Kuva is: Selling a Riven mod gives the player Kuva instead of credits based on mod rank. Grineer enemies on Kuva Fortress sometimes drop small amounts of Kuva. This would help combat the massive grind for Kuva and would prevent players from getting burnt out so fast on new content.

The next change I would like to see is for the Orvius parts and how they gave Ducats. I personally think it was a great thing, it may have been unintentional, but I like the idea.

The reason why is because every player who completes the War Within quest gets only one blueprint for the Orvius, yet the parts drop quite often. After a player has built the weapon, the parts are useless and have no value to anyone AND they're tradable. So if we're going to keep seeing the siphon subquest forever now, why have the guardians drop parts that nobody has use for? This is why I think being able to sell them for Ducats is a great idea because it's a change from the same boring Fissure missions grind and it gives players a reason to keep or trade them. 

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