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Kuva/Rerolling Riven system


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i like the Riven mods, but the system needs to change.

There's a lot of problems with how it works right now because it's based on too much RNG.

Right now, cycling the mod is based on RNG, getting the weapon you want is based on RNG, getting the mastery rank is based on RNG, getting kuva to spawn is based on RNG.


There's also the issue with increasing cycling costs, the more you cycle, the more expensive it gets, and the more times you have to farm Kuva. This system is dumb.


Two ways this problem could be solved. Either make Kuva farm something that is permanent and works like excavation. You can farm increasingly more amounts of Kuva and it gets harder as you stay, until you choose to extract or something.

The second one is to fixate the price of cycling so that it stops changing. If that happens, you also get rid of the problem with people trading mods that have been rolled multiple times making it not worth the trade.

Please do something to get rid of the ridiculous grind. There are so many possibilites to Riven mods since there's one for every mod; and these annoying restrictions are killing the fun in grinding for the ultimate mod.

Grinding for something is okay, as long as it isn't ridiculous. At this moment, kuva/Riven grinding is ridiculous.

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