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[TWW] Too much bugs


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1. Operator: Head rotation bug (It happens once, but no longer occur)

2. Operator - ZipLine running and infinite fall sound:

3. Rarely happens that if you switch on operator or on warframe you can loose your input (No movement, No chat, No Escape menu).

4. Bad sync of operator customization. Only host have correct appearance! (Player have second hood (default - opened) and second body suit).

5. Operator can't use sprint - Non-Host only

6. Bug_NoFixed.PNG?dl=1

You didn't fix it, DE. It's still working (But i notice changes and this bug became less frequently)

7. No collision in floor on Corpus Spy Tileset.

8. Air walking on TWW quest. This bug catched once and i don't know - someone has had this bug too or not. It happened after i'm get out from rampart.

9. Strange enemy behaviour (navigation) on corpus tileset....

10. Operator can bleed out, can loose his frame!!!!! (I think, my warframe have been killed)

11. T-Pose animation after using a Rampart.

12. If your operator bleeding to death, you will respawn as new operator (Other appearance). Other player see you as invisible excalibur (reduced from the normal growth) and your icon in radar is disappear. Instead operator icon player seeing green dot. In addition, you are invulnerable (If health descreased to 0 you will be healed to 100 hp) and have infinite energy for void beam ability. If you touch nullification sphere, you will gets crash.

13. If you switch on operator, on Jordas Assasination, your operator fly off into space and you start in the beginning.... And your operator will have small growth and lights on feets.


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