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War Within - Archwing stuck in graphics leaving Secret Base


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Location: Upon entering the secret base (after using the Archwing to hide behind a cargo-ship to avoid lasers) and completing that part of the mission inside the base, you reach a point where you just take a leap into space to go back into Archwing mode. It's a hole right into space. Very cool...had it not been for the sad trombone going off in my head when the bug hit me.

Problem: got stuck in the graphics during the transition between Warframe and Archwing (see image).

How: I saw the opening into space and walked towards it. This triggered the Warframe to Archwing animation, which I guess off-set my position somehow and I ended up in the graphics/bounding-box (?) of the asteroid just below the exit point.

Escape: blasted myself to death with splash-damage from my Grattler (love you Grattler). A hard reboot would probably also have worked...but I was uncertain where I would end up after that, so...

(Honestly I had a real fit over this bug and just started shooting while wiggling around like a rabid Kubrow, and noticed I took damage. So I decided that "suicide by Grattler" was the way to go...still, not one of my proudest moments...)

Revived Retry: Upon respawn, thankfully starting at a checkpoint in front of the opening, I did not take any chances (as I was committed to finish this quest and wanted to move on to see what happened next). I made a running jump into space to avoid another bug and this time the transition worked properly.

...until I encountered the Transference-bug onboard my ship...but that's another story, which also ended well...eventually, thanks to a helpful tip in the forum. :)


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