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SOLD WTS Smeeta, Adarza Kavats (both imprints)

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WTS my Smeeta, Adarza Kavats :)

take a look and text me pls ;D


SOLD Azarth. Adarza kavat, Male, Ball ears, Peacock tail. 100 pl  

SOLD Airyl. Smeeta, Male, Fennec Fox head, Peacock tail. 120 pl

SOLD Mewl. Smeeta, Female, Persian head, Leaf tail. 80 pl

SOLD Gladr. Smeeta, Male, Tufted ears, Peacock tail. 130 pl


SOLD Mnardyn. Smeeta, Male, Tufted ears, Mermaid tail. 130 pl *New*

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