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Slow loading and low FPS when loading into ship


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Everytime i enter the ship (after login and after a mission) it starts loading the statues and decoration i have on the ship, this causes a huge fps decrease, screen and audio even stop for a few moments and then once it is done the framerate goes up again, the game becomes so slow that for 10 seconds i can't do anything, like repeating a mission.

Since my ship has reached the decoration limit, it is heavily stuffed, this seems to be the thing causing the fps drops.


  • Windows xp sp3 (direct x9)
  • Core 2 duo e8600 @ 4 Ghz
  • ATI HD 4850
  • 3 GB Ram
  • Game installed on an SSD

Far from being an overheating issue. Temps never go above 60 on both the CPU and GPU, often staying in the 50º mark.

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It's your ram, when I take out my other 3 sticks of memory and drop it down to 4 gigs I have the same experience. Unfortunately there's nothing that they can really do to improve ram usage anymore, 3 gigs is just not enough for modern applications. Since you're on the 775 socket, I think, you've probably got ddr2 ram you shouldn't have a hard time on craigslist or something finding some cheap sticks.

Your rig is pretty old though too so you might want to consider upgrading when you can

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Ram determines the ammount of content that be run at once, i am not near the limit, i wasn't before the update and i'm not now, it's obvious to me that it isn't ram related.

Missions load far more data and have less problems with slowdowns, my problem exists everytime i load on the liset, everything loads fast but something (possibly related to textures loading or decorations) is causing the screen, audio and even responsiveness to drop heavily, once that is done the framerate goes up instantly.

The recent update changed something in the way things are loaded on the liset.

What you experience is swaping, your system requires more memory and needs to use spare memory allocated on the drive, this causes slowdowns, on my system that doesn't happen for 3 reasons:

  • I can see that i have enough free memory
  • swaping uses my hard drive, if i use swap then i can hear it
  • jerkiness with swaping is random while the one i feel happens in the same way everytime



I have seem to have fixed the problem, i saw that someone mentioned Temporal AA not working correctly with dept of field off, i can confirm that when i turned it on the image became very smooth, however due to the performance hit i am forced to have dept of field off, causing an issue with the image, when i switched back to another form of AA called SMAA, i no longer experience the heavy frame rate loss on the liset.

I have no idea why the loading is related to AA, but oh well.

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