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Improving the Mod Config A/B/C system.


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Hi Tennos, 

The Modding system as it is right now , and how it is becoming, give us a relative liberty to our playstyles and consequently to our mod choosing. The best example is Slowva and Speedva, which are using very different mods. The config ABC system enable us to switch from one to another very quicky.

So , when the number of possibilities and Warframes increasing, why can't we rename those Config ? 

It would be a simple addition (I think), that could improve the overrall visibility of the config system.

To that could be added a very small recap of the build when you pass your mouse over the Config name (like +75% STR, +60% DUR or Elements used and crit/stat chances for weapons). Also , choosing which config is gonna be used depending on the faction could also be an option, with a small box "Use when facing X faction" like this http://imgur.com/a/QojCw .

What do you think of this idea(s)? why do you think it's not here (yet?) ? Do you have other ideas to improve the system ?

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