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[Spoiler] Dev Workshop: New Mods Part 1!

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Props to the quick ish response.  I love what your goal for these mods are.  However I feel the execution of the system far misses the mark you guys set out for.  Rather than step into a rant about it i'll just give a short reply to each point you made and then suggest how i'd improve the system.


"We want to give players something unique to them that can speak to their wider Arsenal. We want to give new life to the Arsenal in a non-static way."

This is a good idea.  However the current implementation doesn't do what you guys set out to do in anyway at all.

" Yes, meta weapons are in the selection pool, but Riven Mods are not needed to make this gear (like the Tonkor or Synoid Simulor) more powerful. What they can do is add an interesting buff to a comparatively underpowered weapon in order to encourage players to think outside of that meta box."

I agree that they are not needed to make the meta weapons more "meta."  However some people will still choose things to make the meta weapons better.  Some people strive to be as optimal as possible.  Though you've already gotten the solution for this problem in an upcoming fix.  meta weapons getting less benefit from these and non meta weapons getting a bigger benefit is a GREAT fix.

"This is why we have prevented players from choosing what weapon the Riven Mod will be for; if we didn’t, we would end up with millions of Soma Mods and none for the Gorgon."

While I can understand the logic I don't agree with it.  If people really want a specific mod for a specific weapon they will continue to dump mods they don't want.  The only way you can actually force players to try something new is by making that the only option.  I feel like because you guys have the foresight to see this you've deliberately made getting the mods themselves and rerolling them harsher to try and force people.  However in reality this is only really hurting those of us who don't dump hundreds of hours into the game.

" The exponential Cycling costs are there to encourage players to try the existing stats before they embark on the journey to the ‘perfect roll’. For those of you who want to find the best Mod possible, that avenue is available to you, but that is not the goal behind this system."

I don't follow the logic here.  You want players to experiement with different weapons and types of builds.  Yet you make the methods in which to do so difficult.  Yes some people might use the reroll system to chase the perfect mod.  However maybe the sorties are not something that interests them much or it's too difficult for them to do.  So rerolling is more accessible for those players.  But since the reroll system becomes more and more expensive this also has a negative impact on these players.  You should never underestimate your player base.  While you might not actively think about it some of these decisions and past ones say otherwise.

"The current maximum number of 15 Riven Mods is a reflection of this, as limitations encourages creativity and choice."

Again not following the logic.  for most who want to min max this only further pushes them to dump mods they don't want rather than forcing them to try something new.  however this is a new system and no one should realistically have 15 at the moment.  I think increasing the limit but a few would be something to look into in the future.

 So how would I improve things?  Well.  For starters i'd remove the chance to have these turn into sentinel weapons.  it should only be working on weapons the warframe can wield in the primary slot currently.  Second I'd make sure you don't end up with odd effects.  Like getting anything critical damage/chance related on a miter.  That's really a no brainer.  If you guys are insistent on keeping negative effects on these mods then you need to severely tone down those values.  Getting things like -100% multishot shouldn't be possible.  I believe capping %'s should be a thing.  at least for certain weapons.  getting say 200% extra flat damage is a little odd.  You're already loosening the identify process which is good.  I believe though that if you are going to stay 100% RNG with these mods you should cap the kuvro cost.  it shouldn't increase.  Especially considering how the resource itself is RNG locked.


I think getting the resource should be easier.  especially if you plan on having us continue to dump hundreds upon hundreds of it into these mods alone.  Riven mods should be more obtainable as well.  maybe have Tenshin have us do a weekly mission that gets us one for sure.  relying 100% on the sortie pool even if it is a smaller pool is still too much to ask of us considering how everything currently works.  Thanks for taking the time to read if anyone at DE does.  keep up the good work.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to just... finally up and nerf tonkor? rather than arbitrarily ensuring that a specific mod for a specific weapon is specifically worse? 

And by tonkor I mean end-game "flavor of the month" over powered weapons. And by "end game 'flavor of the month' over powered weapons' I mostly mean Tonkor. 

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Thanks for this feature, i would like to share my point of view as a MR 22 / soon 23, acting as a Collector of all weapons that exists and Content creator on Youtube.

On how to get thoses mods : This is kinda disapoiting for some people who would like to get another one and got no luck at all in the sorties. I don't know how often it is (Drop rate), but a weekly challenge would be nice.

On how powerful it is : Only 1 mod per build is fine, the percentages itselfs are good. Im not really agree to set a difference of power between most used weapons (soma, boltor, etc ...) and less used (Miter, Panthera, etc...) . We already see some people using Panthera now, because they get a Riven mod of it.

15 Riven mods : I'm not agree, because im thinking as a collector. Ive always liked to have a wide choice, to randomise my loadouts. I don't feel good to think when i will be at 15, and cannot get anymore / can't progress further / can't explore another or new weapon riven without discarding another one.

Recycle cost : I'm not agree, this is the most interesting part of the system to reroll and expecting something better. Kuva costs forces players to farm Kuva, burning more and more time to expect 1 roll. Set a Kuva cost to 500 Kuva, to let people make 1 mission - roll 1 mod. And not increasing further. As well as it's a poisonned gift if you want to trade a Riven mod that have been reroll several times already.


To be clear, the system is very very interesting and im excited to see this on secondaries, shotguns, melee. But limitations aren't let people free to play a wide diversity of weapons, they can / will discard and waiting for soma, tonkor, boltor mod, focusing only thoses powerful ones, because of the limitations.

Thanks for the updates, hope everything will go well in the future of this feature.

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7 hours ago, Boubonicus said:

Upon thinking on it, I personally think it would be better to do one of two things with rivens.  Tone down the raw numbers on the mods, but have them apply additively to the base before other mods.  This will effectively allow for different modding of weapons in that a weapon that had 0 crit before now has a base that can be upgraded due to a riven mod, one that had no puncture damage now has a base that increases with mods and effects elemental damages, etc.  This can lead to crit builds on weapons that traditionally could not utilize them, allow for status builds on weapons which formerly could not, or simply vastly improve reload on weapon with long reload.

I would like to underline this, since I think it is a very, very good and relevant proposition.

The fact most Riven mods give buffs that multiply the base value (and don't affect other mods), much like your usual mod, means that they suffer from the same issue: More power to the powerful.

Adding additive buffs (that add to the base value and maybe even affect other mods) would improve this substantially. +20 crit chance on the Daikyu is way more important than +20 crit chance on the soma prime.

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First of all, thank you for your explanation. Clearing up intentions and goals helps focus community discussions into a more productive direction.

So if we didn't get to reroll weapon type because players may just reroll everything into meta weapons, and now Riven mods for meta weapons are gonna be weak, does that mean the "reroll for weapon type" option should be back on the table as well?

Personally I don't see why DE put meta weapons are on the random roll table to begin with. They don't fit the design goal (buffing weak weapons) and they're restricting design space (no reroll option for weapon types).

Also, I think a big community concern went unaddressed with this explanation, and that's the big objective variability between rolls. Playing with quirky results is one thing, it's another when some players get mods that boost all the important stats without downsides for a weapon they like, and other players get plain worthless or bad modifiers and for a weapon they don't even like. At that point I don't think players will adopt an adventurous mindset but rather curse RNGsus. Same reason why they won't go adventure with Warm Coat when they wanted Crimson Dervish to drop from the Bombard.

Lastly, putting a Reroll cost as a deterrent so players actually make use of the random results instead of rerolling until they've got +dmg + multi +crit is fine, but I don't think scaling Reroll costs are good, especially with the current amount of RNG in Riven mods. There's no guarantee your bad Riven mod is gonna be worth the increasingly demanding Kuva, so players may only reroll Riven mods once or twice before deciding to save up for the next one the Sortie may reward them with.

Personally, I'd prefer it if the system scaled your Kuva reroll cost with how good your stats are. Got bad stats? You get a cheap reroll cost as a condolence price. Already got great stats but you're a greedy little bugger? Well, here's a high reroll cost, it looks like you're far enough into the endgame to need that kind of resource sink if you're still unhappy with your mod. 

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Players expecting to get kuva REFUND for all re-rolls riven mods, if stats of mods has changed after fix.

P.S. and re-roll count zeroing on the mod.


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17 minutes ago, ozveryashka said:


Players expecting to get kuva REFUND for all re-rolls riven mods, if stats of mods has changed after fix.

P.S. and re-roll count zeroing on the mod.




I have a soma mod (managed to get a soma mod with my second riven - woo!) I rerolled twice now, the stats aren't very good and if they're going to get nerfed further, then yes. I expect the kuva back, considering how much of a pain it was to farm.

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@[DE]Rebecca this post pretty much answered all my questions and concerns about the new system, personally i like it, it's good to have unique mods for lesser used weapons that with some luck can become viable to deal with sorties lvl, speaking of favoring good stats on lesser used weapons, my suggestion is to get away with any negative effects on said weapons such as Minus crit dmg, Minus dmg to anything, Plus recoil , Minus zoom etc.

The maluses can stick to the meta op weapons you also mentioned. Perfectly agree that those weapons were good enough 4 days ago and still are today with no rivens, so a lucky boost can be the cherry on top, but not really required.

Can't wait to see further developement and tuning of this systems.

Speaking of the gorgon, i found a -99% recoil and + 70% electric dmg looking forward for another lucky one, i absolutely love a no recoil prisma gorgon lol.


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12 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Riven Mods were added to incentivize end-game players to revisit old weapons and to change up their play style. We’re all familiar with blazing through missions to the Extraction Point, but this system gives players new challenges that require them to test the creative limits of their Arsenal in their quest to Unveil their new Mods. Yes, meta weapons are in the selection pool, but Riven Mods are not needed to make this gear (like the Tonkor or Synoid Simulor) more powerful. What they can do is add an interesting buff to a comparatively underpowered weapon in order to encourage players to think outside of that meta box.

This is why we have prevented players from choosing what weapon the Riven Mod will be for; if we didn’t, we would end up with millions of Soma Mods and none for the Gorgon. The exponential Cycling costs are there to encourage players to try the existing stats before they embark on the journey to the ‘perfect roll’. For those of you who want to find the best Mod possible, that avenue is available to you, but that is not the goal behind this system.

Okay, but... 

A) The stats are randomly-generated and unweighted. That means even if the mod is for a non-Power Creeped weapon as intended, the mod itself might not be very good, and therefore have little effect on the weapon's use. It could add Flight Speed and Zoom and take away Damage; it could add Damage, Crit and Multishot, but only to Deth Machine Rifle. Just because the mod exists doesn't necessarily mean it will see wide use. If you couldn't reroll them, the 15 Riven Mod cap would mean thousands of players being sh*t out of luck, either selling the mods themselves, or half of their unused inventory - which just enforces the Mastery Fodder mentality these mods sought to correct!

B) The above fact can essentially spit in the face of players considering the amount of effort they need to go through to unlock a mod they may not have any reason to use. "Oh, you got a +Zoom mod on your Laser Rifle? That's too bad, guess you better go Kuva hunting to repeat the challenge, only worse this time!"

C) The mod can absolutely choose to attach to a Power Creeped weapon - and very frequently does! The Catch 22 is, the fact that you can re-roll the mod as many times as you want and keep switching the weapon it's attached to until you get something like Damage+Crit on a Tonkor means that you haven't actually gotten players to use old weapons.

D) Even if Riven did succeed, wouldn't it just enforce a player's impulse to focus on their "best" weapon, and diminish the value of future weapons?

Frankly, I'm just appalled by the system itself. It seems like an attempt to make blanket changes to the weapon system - in spite of previous talks about solutions to "Required" mods, such as removing +Damage mods entirely!

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2 hours ago, Hitexh said:

I think I will claim a complaint to DE for releasing another No Man Sky scam for this riven mod.

Cut the drama, specially an unfounded one.

Unlike No Man Sky, DE didn't promise anything, or infer it would exist. Indeed, it's literally the opposite, with them saying they aren't promising anything.

This is a game in constant evolution, and this in particular is a very sensible, new thing. To go waste thousands of plat in a recently released experimental mod is idiotic at Best. Though, thanks for confirming my fears that meta revin is the new meta.

Don't take me wrong, this was utterly predictable. It was predictable that people would behave like you did, and measures should have been made preemptively. But still, it was also predictable that this thing could happen; and so, before you played 2k platinum, you should have waited.

This is the kind of mentality that prevents balancing measures to occur.

3 hours ago, Hitexh said:


Donald Thrump says "muslim banned", the next day the post is deleted. You think Muslim people can forgive or forget that kind of mistake?


.... Even though Trump is the devil on earth (he really is), that was an awful, awfully poor and exaggerated pathos metaphor. What are you trying to say? That riven mods will keep an eye for DE? That DE lied to you by telling you it was taking riven mods away and then not taking?

What is the point of this, if not to compare DE to Trump for the sole sake of being insultuous?

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11 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Riven Mods were added to incentivize end-game players to revisit old weapons and to change up their play style.

This is why we have prevented players from choosing what weapon the Riven Mod will be for; if we didn’t, we would end up with millions of Soma Mods and none for the Gorgon.

The current maximum number of 15 Riven Mods is a reflection of this, as limitations encourages creativity and choice.


I feel like the 15 mod limit won't incentivize players to try out non-meta weapons. Are you sure that the majority of the community is not going to have only Riven mods for meta weapons? I highly doubt it.

Also, as you pointed out, the new mods are mainly for players that have nothing else to do (end game players). I see what you are trying to do; artificially extending content with RNG with mods that can boost crappy weapons that players liked, but couldn't use in hard content. But, for the new players, they would probably only be swayed away from warframe because of the potentially, and most likely real, frustration in the RNG. Heck, even old veterians could get frustrated if they are searching for a riven mod for a specific weapon but never get it because of the RNG.

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I don't get why Damage 3.0 and Riven Mods can't exist. The whole reason the devs were looking at mods like Serration or Multi-Shot were because they were being largely considered mandatory for all build, giving the illusion of choice. Truly your gun doesn't even feel like a weapon until you get those mods in there. 

RIven, I feel, is separate from that consideration. It's more like its' a new system similar to Focus than it is a redundant mod in the vein of Pressure Point, Hornet Strike, or Serration. You could remove those mods and still have the Riven mod and the objective of removing "mandatory" mods is still in play. 

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3 hours ago, Hitexh said:

I spend 2k Plats for my Tonkor Mod. I want to ask who is responsible for this upcoming nerf? You are just like taking back my Prime Chamber. I dont care if DE want to nerf all riven mods on the new riven mods, but let the existing riven mods remain as it is.


Yup, I have spent way too many plats on riven mods.  I dont care if they are reworking stuff again, but I want the mods on my stats to remain as they are.  (Also, I dont use Tonkor nor have the God stat Riven mods for it). Riven mods are what got me back to playing the game.

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12 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

This modification will also affect existing Riven Mods to reflect our desire to give new life to ‘discarded’ weapons in a unique way, and not increase the power of the top tier ones. Prepare to see a difference in stats of existing Riven Mods in an upcoming hotfix. Warframe content will not be balanced around Riven Mods, but Riven Mods will be balanced within their own ecosystem. We wanted this system to allow players to experiment with their Arsenal in existing end-game missions. It's not our intention to add content where these Mods will be necessary - it brings new ways of experiencing the existing game.

Ok.. so *read only 1st page*

  • If WF content will nt be balanced around Riven content, meaning Riven will be another mandatory (If Riven contains dmg/multishot) mod for 'meta' player regardless.
  • If Riven are balanced within their own eco-system, how are they balanced? To what level will Riven be balanced at? Same as per WF content? or their own separate balancing line?
  • If DE want us to experiment our arsenal (OP, decent, nerf'ed, weak weapon) why is there an limit to how many Riven can we have? Experimentation last for a long period of time, not instantaneous. Ideas & concepts are not created immediately when the player demands their brain to do so.
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15 hours ago, immolator1001 said:

As a mastery rank 22 player who had taken a break for a couple months, these mods really reinvigorated my interest in Warframe and I'm really exited to get Riven mods for my favorite weapons that aren't quite top tier.

There are a few things I think should change:

1. Add a weekly mission with Teshin to get a Riven mod, so that it isn't totally Sortie RNG

2. Don't increase the cost of rerolling mods. The reason people want to reroll a mod is because it is a weapon they like and they want the mod to suit it better, this simply discourages players from rerolling mods for weaker weapons.

3. Add caps to stat changes, -100% on basically any stat can ruin a weapon, if it is damage the weapon basically ceases to work.


Like it so far and can't wait to see it evolve!

Best feedback ever!!! 

1. Love Maroo quest and a Teshin one will be unreal.

2. 100% correct.

3. This should of been considered in the creation of them..... 


But to add :

4. Why limit the amount as it just means we have to get them for the best weapons and not experiment as wanted.

5. Even if the adjustments are made, doesn't it just make these mods mandatory like multi and damage mods further taking our choice out?.

6. RNG inside mods that choose the stats with the Endo cost to level up is over the top. Why not remove ENDO cost and just have it credits to level because of the massive RNG.

7. I feel we currently have way too many weapons in the game that require balancing. Riven mods are nothing more than Band aids. where a damage 3.0 update should of been done before bringing such mods ins.

8. Power creeping is insane in warframe especially when the current game difficulty is a joke....

9. Seriously why can they be traded lol..... you can see the problem in this thread...... people spending 2,000 + plat on these mods now insanely furious your tweaking them. ??? 

10. Some stats should not show up for certain weapons that cannot use the stat in question. Again another reason why they should consider back burning this system for now.

11. Having no way to steer the rng in the direction of the weapons you have worked at really blows... [ Cata / 6 formad].

12. Why not allow users to keep certain stats when rerolling for a small resource cost. Then add in a way to undo the reroll in x amount of time for x amount of current resource cost again.

13. What about the salt and toxicity that can come from this system. Say i get a 60% 40% and 20% on my third reroll and my mate gets 80% 80% 50% for the exact same weapon from first unlock. Good chance i will be very salty and put Warframe down for awhile.

Just my opinion ? still can't wait for TWW to hit consoles for abit of new content.


To sum up , got a crappy weapon then play the rng game to try and get its riven mod then reroll it enough times till it is able to keep up with current power creeping weapons....

Again lol too many weapons in the same category with most just mastery fodder. As well as most could just be skins with different firing animations with most  weapons.

Currently so many mandatory mods and these just add to it with insane RNG. Riven mods should be put on the back burner until damage 3.0 and a complete overhaul of current mod system.

Just something to consider ?


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If the goal of these mods is to get people to start using non-meta weapons, then they need to not be able to roll for weapons such as Tonkor and Simulor. These weapons are good enough without getting more +damage mods added onto them.

On the flip side of that, they also need to not be able to roll for Sentinel weapons. Getting a Riven mod for a Sentinel weapon right now feels like a complete and total waste of a mod - as if you reveal the mod and discover that all it was was a picture of a turd.

The stats you get for the mods also need to actually make sense for the weapon it is for. Unless you change how the IPS damage mods work, getting +slash for the Paracyst does nothing, and equates to once again feeling like you just got a turd.

When rerolling the mod, you should be able to target the stat to reroll, such as rerolling -90% damage off an otherwise OK mod, but keeping the rest. The increasing Kuva cost would be acceptable if you could target rerolls. As it is now, it is so not worth the time and effort required.

The amount of RNG the system currently has means that unless the mod is good from the start, it gets shelved and never looked at again.

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12 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

These are just some immediate changes we will be making, but we will be taking the rest of your feedback into consideration as we further develop this system.

First of all I would like to thank DE for TWW update and The beautiful quest and all their hardwork to bring us new stuff

But this Update made the community like an active volcano because of the new system ! And I See alot of people talking about how this system can ruin the game and that it's very unbalanced , some of that maybe true ! but lets not dwell on that and try to see the positive thing about it ... I liked it and i'm sure many others did but not in this state !! i think it should be more friendly and if u'r going to get a powerful riven mod you should feel like you earned it rather than just get it randomy for sortie , unlock it randomly to get random weapons and stats ! I understand that DE put RNG there to have more playtime for the player but this became a gambe !! 

I have many suggestions to Tweak this not all of them are good but they may inspire someone bright from DE's team or the community to improve upon the new system

First : The cap to riven mods has no reason to be there .... I feel like it's meaningless , maybe that's just me 

Second : :lotus: Getting the Mods: -We can draw inspiration from many systems within the game like ayatan sculptures for example the mod it self may act like the shell or "the sculpture" , the weapon for the mod like "amber stars" , the stats are like "cyan stars" and you combine them to get the mod ! this may bring a sense of progression or "work hard to get something"

                                                      -Relic system is also a good system to draw inspiration from and in this case the Kuva are the "taces" that would increase the likelyhood of getting the weapon or stats you want : all stats and weapons have equal chances ( or better stats / weapons have lower chances ) but using kuva would allow you to choose some and increase their chance in case chances are equal ( increas chances like in relics in case of varied stats )  ,this may help us evade getting useless stats for some weapons like getting crit chance for a weapon that has no crit chance 

Now To see how this all works : I'd love to see some way to get them outside of sorties !! maybe weekly tasks similar to junction tasks : finishing a set of tasks would 2-3 stat shards(would talk about them later) , finishing another set of tasks rewards a weapon shard , now this may bring alot of variety to the gameplay! after completing the tasks a node would unlock and you are required to finish a final task of defeating kuva guardians in a special node to get a shell or a veild riven mod ! maybe this would bring some fun to the system

Now to the shards I talked about every shard has a set of stats which randomly applies to the mod , same thing for the weapon shard and combining the shards with the shell/riven mod will reveal the mod you got , you are also required to finish the challenge on the mod to be able to combine it with shards

of course this suggestion has alot of flaws but the core of the idea is combining parts to reveal the final stats ( randomly selected from a pool of known stats/weapons ) contained in the shards rather than gambeling on what you will get from only doing a task written on the riven mod

Third: In case you dont like what you got you can always reroll or dismantle the the mod and neutralize the stat/weapon to do so a new mission type can be added : using the operator in the mountain and there you get challenged with skill based objectives or similar the gameplay of the quest ( I loved that part ) to finally get to a shrine or something of sort where u insert high amount of kuva and the mod to neutralize it's stats/weapon. this may help greatly in overcomming the borderlands styled RNG stats and it could be done in this way !

1- reroll the stat shard but keep weapon shard ( consumes low amount of kuva, example : 800 kuva )

2 - reroll weapon shard and keep stats shard ( consumes medium amount of kuva, example : 2000 kuva )

3 - reroll everything : ( consumes high amout of kuva , equivalent to the sum of rerolling stats and weapon, example : 2800 kuva )

Finally : Some mods can be very very powerful therefor we should work hard for them / other may make some useless but fun weapons usefull in endlees missions or raids or sorties but getting them randmoly is never a good idea ! we must work hard to earn them !!!!

I hope this gives some help or some Ideas to bring this system to life !! I want to have a feeling that i worked hard to get the mod and the stats and weapon i want while also keeping it fun and intresting ( and RNG based because everything has to depend on RNG in this game !! JK XDDD ) !

Maybe we can start a discussion for other ideas that are better than this one and help the devs ! this systems feels empty and shallow the way it is now and brings nothing new to the gameplay but we can bring it to life if we inspire the devs and each other


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