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[Spoiler] Can't use the Focus ability after the hotfix.


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-Cannot enter WW Operator mode until focus school is ready to use (Zenurik)

-Once ability is ready to use, 5 key only allows me to use WW Operator mode (cannot use focus ability).

I have press-to-hold functionality reversed in settings (I tap to use Vauban's 2, and hold to rotate through the grenades), do not use controller.  

Happened 2/2 misssions (Gabii, Ceres), Nova Prime (no lens installed on any gear).  Once at level 30, once unranked (fresh forma).

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same problem. are we all inverted when it comes to press/hold abilities like ivara and vauban? that was my first idea on what the problem could be.




MTSilver confirming what i kinda figured to be true.. sucks, but i guess i'll switch off the option for now.

I figure i should mention it while im at it, i'd like if this option was on a case-by-case basis. Tapping to throw vauban's traps and holding to cycle through feels natural, whereas with ivara i feel like holding to draw your arrow and pressing to cycle through feels more natural. Right now i keep the option on because i use vaub more than ivara, but something really feels off every time i go to play her.

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Additional information:

- Issue happens regardless of hold/tap being reversed or not
- No difference if the option is checked before the mission or once the issue occurs.
- Is not affected by binding a different key
- Happens in both host and client role
- Whether focus meter finished loading or not does not influence the issue.
- Tested on tiles with and without enemies
- Tested on different mission types
- Is fully unrelated to the kuva siphon spawn
- Does not always happen, so the ability to replicate the issue falls down to chance of it occurring
- Falling to damage as a warframe "fixed" the issue a few times, but not always.

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