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Operator and Focus System Fusion v1


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Hello everyone,

I would like to sit down with everyone, and discuss a few ideas the Seven Mage's and I came up with after playing through the new cinematic quest. Now, this will contain spoilers of the expansion's mechanics, but not the story itself.


So we had this thought that since there are 5 Operator abilities (yes we included Transference), and 5 tenno focus schools. We could mix them up to add a bit more customization to the Operator without having to add anything in to create bridge mechanics.


Void Beam:

This is the basic attack of the operator during the switch, and doesn't deal all that much damage. Now granted the damage it does deal is unaffected by elemental resistance, but still hampered by armor. So we linked this skill to the Madurai Focus; Changing up the tree to provide more then just augments to the focus ability itself. We thought to give stacking benefits to the Void Beam skill as well. This would give players who have been working on their Trees the ability to deal some damage while in Operator mode. The big buffs would be; Armor Ignore, Punch Through, Damage Increase, and maybe even AOE or Chaining effects.


Void Blast:

Since this skill is very similar to the Focus ability of Zenurik we had to link the two. So mixing up the tree, and adding more nodes to increase the range of the blast, it's damage, and granting the Zenurik focus skill ability to suspend enemies when it's used. Additionally, there would be the tie in of increased energy regeneration after using the focus skill, and maybe even causing enemies to attract bullets and fire like Magnetic Overload.


Void Mode:

Here we wondered what the heck we could tie this to. Really it's just a fail safe from damage, and a condition to dash. Thinking that we thought to place it in the Unairu Focus school. So along with making you immune to damage while activated the school would reduce it's cost and the cost of other abilities when active. Also it would provide players with a way of using stealth more freely with all the frames instead of just a couple. There could be nodes that make your frame shift into Void Mode as well to protect it, and perhaps even linking in the Focus skill to Void Mode if you hold your targeting eye on enemies.


Void Dash:

Void Dash we had a good laugh about because it reminds us of Volt's Speed ability. I mean there is an augment that makes you deal damage to enemies you run past. So we thought to link this skill to the Naramon Focus; So increasing it's range, dealing damage to enemies it passes through, disarming them, stealing energy per enemy hit, etc. Lots of ideas flowed from this one. I mean the dash is just a movement mechanic, but lore wise you are able to dash through solid things because you are half in the void. So, yes the idea of dashing through objects and terrain came to mind, but it's a tricky thing to attempt. 



Now, ok, we know most who read this are like, "What in the nine hells, and Deep Webs, could you do here?!" Well the simple answer is Stats; Health buffs, energy pool buffs, bonuses in Operator mode, switch bonuses (those who play Jayce in League of Legends will understand), and more. Including unlocking Primary, Secondary, or Melee weapons. Yes this skill would be linked with Vazarin dealing mostly with Healing, Reviving, slight Protection and such. 


So, those were the ideas we had about this, and we had another talk about Mods and Damage systems, but I thought we should keep this post on it's rails for now. Would love to hear feedback, ideas, criticisms, and what ever you all want to say.

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Makes a lot of sense, I like it.  Maybe with unairu, since it is about defence, the "empty" warframe could act as a turret, staying still and firing at anything that gets close.  Call it combat transference or something, that the operator can maintain some control over the warframe while acting on their own.

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3 hours ago, Togira_Inoka said:

I think that all of operator abilities needs to be affected with 1 focus school, like this

The problem with the operator focused on the one tree is that it doesn't add a lot of diversity. Granted it would allow players to focus on the different roles, but I think that at least there should be some overlap with the work people do in the other trees as well.

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