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Rank up bug ?


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So I tried to rank from 8 to 9 10 mins ago , the mision where you have to stealth kill some greener lancers , but every time the starting unit was facing me , making me fail the entire mision . How is this even posible? And the same thing happened yesterday too , so it's a little annoying. Please fix this or at least tell me if I did something wrong , even if I didn't had the chance to do something there.

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Hi, sorry if you feel this is taking over this. But I had a similar problem aswell on the same MR test. As for the past 3 days (including today where i just failed again [to me by another silly thing].

1st day - I had a similar problem as you. After the very first initial fail (was in the first part as I ran into both enemies line of sight). I would spawn in, and the very first enemy who has his back turned... Would turn around.This made me fail my other two chances.

2nd day - I killed the very first enemy, and got past to last stage, where i messed up with a bullet jump and then slam with broken war. Where the enemy detected me while lying on the ground from this slam while I was doing mid-swing to kill him. After this I spawned in and melee'd (right after spawning in) causing all enemies to detect me. Final try i spawned in next to an enemy (only enemy who is raised on the platform)

3rd day/ Today - Got to final part again. Where the guy who was on the platform detected me again as I missed him as he moved a bit out of range. Then I had the melee detected as in day 2. Causing all enemies to detect me again. 3rd try, I went off the platform and onto the lower platform by walking off the edge. All enemies detected me when I went down on the bottom floor. 

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