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[Fan Design] Doctor Tengus Character Design. "REVISED DESIGN!"


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Old Design:



so yeah, basically. I guess he has to be more....bulky, like other major bosses but yeah...this is what I have for now. pretty cool eh?


Revised Design:





So, yeah, I made him look a bit more majestic, look a bit more like a Grineer Leader sorta ( dunno if he's one though ).

I kept the mushroom head, gave him a bit of a bird like mask, give him that plague doctor look.

gave him so cool mane and cool-looking cloth, etc...


AND, an extra hand, sorta. That's his unique selling point, he can have 3 hands, that big one there...well, there's going to be a hand (maybe) but for now, it's his weapon.

YOu know how he's mentioned in the Once Awake quest, where he was experimenting on the Infested, I want to implement that in here too, his weapon is a mix of Grineer and Infested, a hybrid weapon, maybe fires Nanite swarms, Torid's toxic cloud rounds, Acid Tar, Corrosive rounds, etc...a lot of things. Maybe a bit of a Grineer shield for it too. I'ma make a fan concept post about this when it's all settled. I'ma color him later probably.



Fan concept post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/719560-character-concept-art-doctor-tengus-design-major-revised-design/

Follow that and this post for updates :V


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Just now, heskaroid said:

Absolve me of my ignorance, but I don't really understand.

I can get the sketch done AND fully paint it, no problems :V

right now, I'm busy with all sorts of thing, that sketch was old, I've gotten the thing developed even further.

I'll try and keep some original aspects of the original design, like the mushroom head ( and sorta like that Albert Einsterin's look )!

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