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Destroyed excavators incorrectly count towards endless Relic Cycle


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So I was doing a fissure there on Valefor, Europa, and all 4 members were running the same Intact relic (Neo N2).

This was all fine, up until a certain point where some excavators were destroyed, and I noticed it was counting towards the Relic Cycle. Unfortunately, at one point, enough excavators were destroyed to increase that past the relic cycle point, and caused me to lose one relic:



Before the count said 2/10, I had about 7/10. I am not really sure I actually did lose the relic but either way the Relic Cycle should not be counted towards for destroyed excavators. The main problem with it is that it makes it difficult to keep on track with what cycle you are on, and how many Relics you should have been able to open at that time.


However, can we take a moment to revel in this end of mission summary:




Yes, they were all intact:



Praise RNJesus :)


TL;DR - Relic Cycle should be counted towards for every successful excavation; not destroyed excavators.

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