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Greater lenses need to be tradable / removable


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I just got a greater naramon lense from the sortie. Cool. Greater lens!. Except my Naramon is maxed. I mean Maxed. All powers, all active at once. I can't use any more naramon focus. It's the one school I have maxed.

Of course the lesser naramon lens I can sell for 5 or 10p. I can trade it for another lense I might need. But the greater lens, for me, is a 5000 credit cache reward..... out of the sortie..... that's repeatable..

I think lenses should be in the sortie, that's fine. I think they should be repeatable, as I get the frustration of new players needing 4 sortie seasons to get a greater lens. I get that for veteran players the lenses are the whammy of the sortie slot machine (sorry you lost!) But If greater lenses are going to be rewards in the sortie, make them trad-able, so at least I can trade away this lense for a different one.

Also, because I am maxed on Naramon, I want to remove a lens from a frame. I lensed Loki early on for stealth and then didn't like it, and it got nerfed and all that. So I have a loki with a lens on it. Now eveyr time I use loki I get naramon points, and use up some of my 100,000 daily limit. I don't want naramon points, but I also don't want to waste another lens on Loki. There should be an option to remove (destroy) the lens on a frame, without using up a new one, because I want that frame lens-less. If we're willing to still destroy the lens why can't we uninstall it?

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2 hours ago, Synitare said:

Syndicate standing, which I believe was the original plan.

Which would lead to one syndicate pair or another getting short-shafted. There're only 5 lenses in each tier...

Reminds me of the equally-irritating fact that only one syndicate carries the Large Team Shield restores blueprint... Perrin Sequence, if I remember right.

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