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increase the siphon spawn rate


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Or try to introduce new and fun ways to acquire it. Right now a few missions (fastest missions) like exterminate / capture are the most efficient and people need thousands of kuvo to re-roll their mods. Or at least I do. At the moment I have only one mod with very poor stats so I keep re-rolling it till I get another that I would consider keeping. Very quickly I find myself needing 5k+ kuvo and while it's not hard to get it, it gets extremely repetative very quickly.

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The spawn rate is terrible and the fact that Rusalka, Sedna is Corpus right now makes it worse.  Most of the time when I form a group to farm for Kuva someone leaves before we even find one siphon.


1 hour ago, Yaerion said:

I concur with this. I'd like to see them more often.

TWW spoiler, do not open if you didn't complete it:


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At least on the Kuva Fortress they should be everywhere...


^This right here.  With Riven mods and Kuva being where they are it feels like they added that tileset to be dead content from day 1.  There isn't any incentive to play it.

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