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Rifle Riven mod. veiled mission, finishers


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ok, the exact wording on the mission is "Kill 64 enemies with finishers without failing a mission" ... on a rifle mod? ok. I equip it on a rifle and try to complete the mission.

I have used Ash's Bladestorm to kill more than 64 npcs in one mission and completed the mission = did not unveil the stats of the riven mod. I did see a 1/64... 0o

I have to do it 64 times? ok. I got to 7/64 last night. Today, I login and it's 0/64. 0o

This Riven mod is confusing. (&/or bugged?)

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When you approach an unalerted enemy from the back and get a pop-up "press <melee button> for finisher", that's the finisher.  There are also abilities that open enemies up to finishers, like Ivara's sleep arrows, Inaros's 1, Equinox's Rest, etc.  Personally, I had a Riven like this and just used Loki to backstab everything.

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