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Warframe Concept: Nodens, the Hunter


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"These fools think they can toy with the world as they please. They scavenge, salvage, extract, and move on once the world is drained of their prospects. Do they not take notice at the destruction in their wake? Do they not question their own mortality in the grand scheme of things? They should have known by now that there is always, someone, watching..."

The name Nodens is derived from the Celtic god of the hunt, healing, the sea, and dogs.

The Warframe, however focuses primarily on hunting, healing, and a companion.

Passive, Chase Down: You gain +20% movespeed when moving in the direction towards a marked target.

1st ability, On the Hunt: A toggle that while active, allows you to detect enemies within a range of 25/35/45/55, even through walls, visible similar to that of looking through a scanner. Hovering your aim over an enemy for a second will 'mark' that target for 15/25/35/45 seconds. Whenever a 'marked' target is killed, the ally or player that killed that target heals 25 life (increases with power strength)

2nd ability, Scavenge: You may use this ability while over top of a dead enemy, channeling this ability keeps you immobilized for up to 6/5/4/3 seconds. When you release the ability the ability disintegrates and ammo, energy, and life orbs have a chance to spawn. This chance is decreased if interrupted or stopped prematurely.

3rd ability, Respite: a toggle that while active, heals all allies within a range 30/35/40/45 who are currently standing still for 15/20/25/30 health per second.

4th ability, Hounded: For each enemy that is marked, summon a phantasmal kubrow that seeks and attacks all currently living marked targets. These phantasmal kubrows are invisible until they attack, and become invisible once more after several seconds after finishing an attack and last for 30/35/40/45 seconds. If all hunted enemies are killed, for each phantasmal kubrow still existing, regain 25 energy. Using this ability again before the duration ends dissipates all existing kubrows, and spawns a number of them equivalent to the current living number of marked targets.

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1) Ivara's passive with an energy cost or Banshee's Sonar without the damage bonus. But wait, It can heal!

2) Nekros has desecrate

3) Oberon's heal with added vulnerability

4) Nekros shadows of the dead with an energy restore and better range

Not to rain on your parade, but a Nekros with enemy sense does everything Nodens does, revives teammates instantly and increases drop rates. It's a good set of ideas, but it's already been done. In fact, because it's already been done (and done well) that I'm saying it's a good idea. Also, Ivara seems to have already taken the hunter/ranger slot.

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