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[TWW SPOILERS] Bug report: Missing Orvius part loot from TWW quest mission


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Bug report contains spoilers for TWW


During the throne-room fight mission, after killing several of the Kuva Guardians, I looted Orvius pieces from their bodies (I definitely recall seeing multiple blades, but can't remember seeing any other parts).

After receiving the blueprint, I checked if I was able to build the weapon, however was shown that I had NONE of the pieces needed (Checked again just now, still showing as 0 blades, 0 disks).


I'd assume that the weapon is supposed to be something to achieve through gameplay AFTER the quest, in which case the Guardians during the Throne-room mission shouldn't drop them for them to be erased from inventory later, as this leads to player confusion.
Or in the case that those specific NPCs ARE valid sources for the parts... the inventory for that mission was cleared after completion of the quest (or perhaps just that mission)

Edited by Cypher
Added weapon name into title for clarity
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