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Chemical reaction frame


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So this is just a small though I had a moment ago but how about a frame that can use it's own small table of chemicals and based on how they are mixed and what ability slot they are placed in would alter the effect. So the first ability slot would be for single target casting, second is for self, third is for area around yourself, and the 4th is the ultimate slot so I was thinking a airborne spread kinda ability or you could have the chemicals apply to the weapons you have equipped. These abilities could also be set to whether they are for use on enemies or allies. Energy cost would be the normal 25/50/75/100.

So you could have chemicals and various molecules that make up organic matter so lets say you have protein and hemoglobin you know the things that essentially make up muscle growth. So you could mix these then put them in them in the 3rd slot so it would cause a area effect and since those cause muscle regeneration it could effectively be a heal, or maybe an armor buff and when used on enemies they could have what is effectively a overdose turning their blood into poison or sulfur compounds that could make explosives my point is that it could have a ton of possibilities and a lot of full metal alchemist references. latest?cb=20100125005936

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