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Rivens and Stats


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Right now the Roll you get may land you two mediocre stats, a great stat or two followed by a contradicting stat, or even four horrible stats ( i dunno if that is actually possible but yeah, rng)..


Would it be cool if the stats were added progressively with a lock-stat mechanic?

Someone mentioned this before and i forget exactly how they put it so props to them and sorry if im slaughtering their thought,

to explain:

unveiling a mod would reveal a single stat. You then reroll til you get the stat you want. Once you obtain the stat you want, you pay an appropriate kuva cost to lock that stat. Your next roll adds the second stat, whereby you repeat the process over, finding the stat you want then locking it in place. 

The reroll cost wouldnt increase per roll but instead be based on the amount of pre-existing stats on the mod. perhaps with the Limit of 4 stats, or even based on the mastery rank of the player. 1 Stat on your riven per 5 MR or something. Maybe 2 stats for mr 3-12 and 4 for 12-20 and then 5 for 20-30..


If it were to be anything like this i have no idea what sort of kuva cost would be fair. I would think first stat 250 a reroll then 500 for second stat reroll, 750 for third stat reroll, and 1000 for 4th stat reroll

locking the stat would cost kuva too, but ive no idea what would be fair for that. or perhaps it could cost 1 plat for a silly amount of credits like 100k


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