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Loosing connection from game after game freeze in LoR and JV


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I have been facing a really disturbing bug after TWW. Whenever I go to do raids may it be JV or LoR. My game freezes and then after few secs I loose connection from that game and I have to reconnect. It doesn't matter which stage I'm , it just freezes and then I loose connection from the game. I do Raids with my friends and the host is really good quite doing raids with him for a long time there were no issues just after TWW this bug is happening to me. I have already verified my download cache and optimised my game files still no luck.

I only loose connection if my game freezes or else I don't. Sometimes it freezes at last stage or sometimes it froze all three stage and I had to reconnect again to join the game. Again I'm saying it doesn't matter which raid I'm doing may it be LoR or JV and any stage it can occur.

I don't think it's my PC cause I have a good config : 

i5 6600k 3.5 GHz

GTX 1060 6 GB 


Also, warframe is installed on my SSD so slow loading might not be the issues.

If anyone can please help me. If anyone faced this similar bug and found a way to fix this please please share it with me. 

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I am with you on this a little bit for i got disconnected quite a few time at the end mission stage 3 where the loading screen that we are going back to our Liset appear and it did freeze a very tiny bit (like a small lag only) which causes me "Lost connection to host" and lost my stage 3 reward :\ 

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