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Conclave (and the broader game): Warframes Should Be Transparent During ADS


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A massive problem with the movement/camera/aim interactions present in Warframe is that, while aiming and moving, sometimes the body of one's Warframe slips in front of the reticle, obscuring the view significantly. This should change - it would be great for QoL.

Just add an optional fade-out to our Warframes that commences when we aim down sights. 60-75% should be plenty, and it would be great for both Conclave and the broader game. But at least Conclave. Because it's actually fun.

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You got my support, aiming on wall latch makes warframes cover big part of the screen, sometimes using aim glide makes the warframe cover the target and makes it hard to track, and don't even speak about Nekros Prime and it's face-slappers while crouching + using ads 

An option for this would be very appreciated.

EDIT: It's time for this to stop.




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On 11/16/2016 at 0:35 AM, JSharpie said:

So long as it's a toggle, I'm absolutely behind you, just like the camera..


On 11/16/2016 at 6:21 AM, Nazrethim said:

+1 If it's optional. It would be a welcome addition to PvE too!


13 hours ago, -Jackson said:

Agreed. I call for optional as well.

Optional seems good. I never really give thought to optional changes, I suppose. I shall amend the parent post.

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