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Just now, decountdooku said:


No way dude, DE never screws up a nerf, right... RIGHT?!

Not sure if you're being sarcastic (then sorry) but in case you didn't know Rebecca said they would nerf the stats on powerful weapon Riven Mods, and buff the stats on weak weapon Riven Mods and that would affect existing riven mods. 

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12 minutes ago, decountdooku said:

Well that's rather dissapointing :/

It's necessary to accomplish what Riven mods are meant for, which is to incentivize the use of lesser used weapons and to kinda "break" the meta.

For instance, if that mod were for the Cernos, I swear I'd give you my house's weight in platinum for it, because it would be the kind of thing a weaker bow like that could use to be on par with how well the Dread performs with no Riven mods at all.

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