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Problems regarding Operator


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Firstly, sometimes when pressing 5, the operator will appear some distance away(like 5-10m) from the warframe.

Second, the operator only has 2 dash direction. One is along the ground and the 2nd is 60-75 degree upwards. It won't dash to where our crosshair is aiming. So a lot of time we will missed hitting the kuva essence because the dash is not appearing to be the direction we wanted.

- That applies to fighting kuva guardians too. If the guardian is on the stairs below us(for example), sometimes we will just dash up and missed the guardian as opposed to the direction we are aiming.

Third is about the kuva siphon. In the uranus tileset, if it appears in the green water which the spaces around is tight, the kuva will appear just centimeters beside the siphon, making it nearly impossible for us to steal it, as the kuva will be almost absorbed immediately as it appears. I encountered this problem in the sortie just now.

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