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Two Reports (Riven Mod and no Lvl up after Mission)


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Hello there,


first of all I'm german so please excuse my bad english, and please excuse me if this isn't the right topic for these reports, I'm a bit confused with the forums.


First Report:

On monday I was able to equip my sealed Rifle Riven mod and tried to unseal it, after a try i gave up and wanted to try again today.


But today each time I try to equip my Rifle Riven Mod it got removed right after I close the "Mod Menu" inside my Arsenal for my Rifle weapons.


Second Report:


I wanted to level my new Torid on Sedna Berehynia, after two waves we left, as we left I was walking around as the operator.

When the mission was over my Torid still was on lvl 0 (If this isn't a bug please excuse me, but better report something wich could be a bug instead of beeing quiet and dont't a could be bug)


Edited by Kirasagi
forgot the give a reason for the edit, the reason was I wanted to add a apology if this isn't the right topic for these reports
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