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Sortie tournaments


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DISLAIMER: this would I hope involve as few meta cheese strats as possible... anyways before you disregard just read it and see what you think you will be surprised.


Endgame has been a problem in warframe for a while, a while back we had dark sectors (which are returning) but dark sectors also caused problems (such a ddos attacks). However competitive endgame has been proven to hold interest over any other type of endgame content.

So I had an idea, why not add seasonal competitions to see who can best complete sorties in a certain way, these would be criteria that either make sense or seem unorthodox, but there would be multiples allowing for people to chose their season objective (you can go for more than one at once but it would be tricky), These objectives could be thing such as killing the most/killing the fewest enemies in sorties, casting the most/casting the fewest abilities in sorties, doing the most/doing the least damage in sorties, ect. The idea is with certain sets of objectives you are not forced to follow them but if you want to compete you have to come up with a creative strategy (especially since only the run you complete will count), 

The hope is this will:

A. give veterans a reason to experiment with new builds or use builds they have experimented with.

B. give warframe a more interesting end game 

C. be fun


Feel free to comment or suggest how this could be made better, Thanks!

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