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Vote Limbo Rework 2016/2017!


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     I have made a million Limbo rework threads on this before and I know DE said that they would rework limbo already. This may even come off as beating a dead horse :/ sorry if it does. I just want to say that I fully support the idea of a limbo rework and hope DE gets to at as soon as they can. At the same time though I just wanted to state the exact problems I see in limbo, in hopes that DE finds this and reads it.....hopefully.

• I really believe that his third ability should be a natural part of the rift: that all enemies take more damage in the rift.

     - this is more of a preference, I admit, but I feel strongly about it. I hope DE gives him a good 3rd ability that helps his survival somehow, maybe directly or through cc?

• It would make sense if cataclysm put items in the rift so that they can be interacted with/ picked up by limbo and allies while in the rift.

• I believe he should put items in the rift simply by interacting with them, like LS pods and etc.

That's basically it. I mean I could complain all day but the rest isn't important; I just want to make sure DE knows about these.

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Honestly, I want them to communicate with us on this one, not just throw the finalized changes at us some time before it is released.

Open a Dev Workshop highlighting their intended direction with Limbo upon further reflection from his 2 years of existence, allow us to vote on each individual power as well as additions/changes to the Rift Plane mechanic, and let us leave constructive feedback.

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20 minutes ago, (PS4)DesecratedFlame said:

Hydroid was good for farming. Zephyr has the tonkor exploit (last I checked anyway).

tonkor and zephyr  = lots of forma involved ,main thing  is 3rd power + augment and frankly its a niche build (i hate the tonkor ...) 

hydroid farming only if it kills them .... press 4 ... and other power are fun but need some tweaks

valkyr even comes to mind at needing some minor tweaks , powers need more synergy

as is limbo can be cast to be frankly immortal and self provide energy

the main factor is they need  qol to make them more useful ,

but for limbo its on the list of things to come

i cant officially state whats being done, but know that limbo has already got some things in the works 

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