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Another Tenno's Quest: The great Cinematic Quests from another perspective (possible spoiler).


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While playing the great cinematic quests like Second Dream and The War Within, which seem to be centered around what a single heroic Tenno is doing, that heavily affects the solar system, i keep wondering how these events must have looked like for the rest of the Tenno faction?

Obviously we know how the Hero was forced to bring the Moon back from the Void, learning about the Lotus big secret, confronted Hunhow and recovered their own body from the moon, but we don't know how the rest of the Tenno did it. Or are we supposed to assume that only a single Tenno managed to awake from the dream and recover their body? That kind of bites with the fact that every player who beat the quest, can summon their own personal Tenno in missions.

Same applies to The War Within and what we gained there in terms of gameplay.

So i was thinking, it could be nice if the cinematic quests could later get something like a smaller scale additional quest that shows the events from the perspective of a more "common" Tenno. Smaller, less dramatic, but leading to a similar outcome. Also obviously being only accessible after beating the main quest. Essentialy like an epiloge. After all, our Tenno are apperently meant to be both the great hero in the cinematic quests, but also a common "redshirt" Tenno during community events.

Essentialy allowing players to see these events from another perspective would give them the choice to decide which of these two reflects their own vision of their Tenno more without forcing a single predesigned narrative on them entirely.

Of course what would happen in these quests would lack the bite of the original quest, since the direct interactions with with the major characters would be missing or downplayed. But that's why i think this concept mainly works for mini quests.


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After Second Dream I think all the other Tenno were sent to recover their own bodies from Lua too, to prevent the Sentients from going after them. For them the mission would be exactly the same as the last one of the quest, except without the Stalker. And the Lotus would not appear in person. 

After War Within,

Teshin probably offered to the rest of the Tenno to help them relearn their Void abilities.

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