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Focus Feedback With TWW Spoilers!


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So with the War Within, we can now just step out of our Warframes as the Operator, and wreck havoc as we please. We can also still use our normal Focus abilities

The issue is that the animations now make no sense. When you go into Operator Mode your Warframe takes on a power pose (balanced stance, hands in fists, etc), but when you use your focus power your Warframe falls to the ground, collapsing under its own weight it seems. This dichotomy doesn't seem to make a ton of sense, as the Warframe only collapses like that when the Somatic Link is completely severed (IE, when you are dropped out of the pod at the end of the Second Dream). Perhaps the Warframe could take on the same pose when you use as Focus power as it does when you enter Operator Mode? 

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