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[Concept] Weapon Augmentations - Weapon Skill trees


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Sensitive information for those who haven't played The War Within yet, in other words, spoilers



A new way to increase the usability of previously weaker weapons compared to the ones that are used in the meta had finally arrived. Riven mods, mods that you would get for a random weapon with random stats which can be rerolled with kuva. It is good on paper but has made some of the meta weapons even more insane and most of the time you get useless stats or the weapon that should become better with it still feels mediocre.

What could we do to increase the usability of weaker weapons? What could have been better then Riven mods, I don’t know, but I do have some ideas. First of all when I heard they would make a system to increase the usability of weaker weapons I thought of super formas or something like that, a new attachment which would increase the weapons power in a special way, instead we got mods which most of the time are mediocre or extremely overpowered.

I looked at the skill trees of the operator, the way that you can increase the amount of abilities by getting enough focus. What if we took this same concept but than for weapons, by getting a Riven Augment for a certain weapon you could open its hidden potential, a skill tree filled with small boosts and a special ability all the way till the end. for example, if you want to try the Harpak but it is too weak, the skill tree could increase all stats and give a special ability like extra damage on the last bullet in the burst, making it fun to get the weapon to max skills and finally use it after many years of not even trying.

Of course there is a limit, you can only pick 5 perks, so you can choose to get stat buffs, or a special ability. This way the weapons will have multiple ways of building and won’t become all too powerful.

Of course, the augments are randomized, so you can’t put it on anything you want, you can however mix 2 augments into 1 new one. There is a very very small chance you will get the same one, bad things can always happen. You can increase the perks by feeding the augment kuva, which can be obtained on high level grineer mission from lvl 30 or higher.

let me know what your ideas are, your vision on the way to make weak weapons great again




Written by DeadNexus_

Edited by DeadNexus_
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